Frozen sperm

Before medical treatment sperm get frozen. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc affects sperm production and fertility on temporary or permanent basis. Before undergoing medical treatment it is possible to store sperm employing a phase transition technique known as cryopreservation. Additionally, sperm cell can be frozen by surgical sperm retrieval.

How long sperm cell can hold on for?
All phase transition and storage occurs in licensed centres. Usually maximum storage period is 10 years. If a person is below 45, once the sperm cell was initially placed into storage and if the storage period exceeds then it can only be used for treatment with her partner.

What happens when the semen is needed?
The samples are checked at the suitable time. It the test report comes positive then, that sperm sample are used in ART procedures like IVF, ICSI and IUI

How an Individual's sperm got frozen?
Any Person who work in unsafe condition or work outside of his country freeze their sperm. It may be used in future. The persons suffering from cancer, before undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy freeze their sperm.

Legality of sperm freezing

Legal regulations  involves freezing or storing sperm which is supervised by the state accreditation authority. The legal documents considers  issues such as :-

a) If sperm remain unused, what will happen to the stored sample?
b) If the person dies, what will happen to his stored sperm sample?
c) How long sperm can be stored?

Hints if carrying frozen sperm

a) If a person is carrying the frozen sperm to foreign countries then cover it by dry ice.
b) Carry the frozen sample in cooler.
c) Do not pass cooler through x-ray machine.
d) Attach all the needed documents on cooler.