Infertility causes male and female

Inability to conceive or pregnant after 12 months of frequent unprotected sexual intercourse is called Infertility. About 90 percent of couples eventually conceive or  pregnant within 12 months of frequent unprotected intercourse. The  majority of couple eventually conceive, with or without treatment.

Infertility may happen due to any single or blend of causes which prevents pregnancy to happen . However there are much more modern medical science techniques that are safe and effective for overcoming infertility.

Generally, people think infertility is found in women, but this is not true at all because infertility problems can involve one or both partners.

In one-third cases of infertility men is dominant cause.
In one-third cases of infertility women is dominant cause.
and the cases other than that cause remains unidentified.

When to see a doctor

In general, you may consider seeing a doctor about infertility if you and your partner have been trying regularly to conceive for at least one year.

Infertility problems can be present from birth (congenital) or something can go .

So, the Causes of male infertility may include:

Abnormal sperm production - The sperm count get affected as heat and blood flow increases and  veins gets enlarged in  testes. Abnormal sperm can be produced also by prior infections like - mumps, surgeries, trauma etc. Genetial defects can be the cause of abnormal sperm like - cystic fibrosis, structural problems etc

Extreme use alcohol and drugs-  Using certain toxic substances such as tobacco  drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and steroids can have a serious impact on your fertility . Additionally , regular exposure to heat can damage the testicles and starts Abnormal sperm production.

If a person has undergone through cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Then, it affects male fertility.

Causes of female infertility includes:

Ovulation disorders - Ovulation disorder is one of the important causes of infertility. hormonal disorders affects egg quality which results inappropriate embryo. 

Polycystic ovary syndrome - It is a disorder in which hormones are imbalanced. It is a condition in which a large no of male hormones like - testosterone. These hormones start to hinder breast milk production.

Before Ovarian insufficiency- This occurs when the ovaries menstruation stops working before the age of 40.

Uterine or cervical abnormalities- It is a condition in which includes abnormality with cervix.

Uterine Fibroid - It is a condition in which fibroid grows in the uterus. It is non dangerous and rarely cause infertility.In very rare cases implantation of fertilized eggs get disrupted by fibroids.

Endometriosis - The presence of endometrial glands and stroma outside the normal location, excluding adenomyosis. It is hormonally dependent disease presents chiefly in reproductive aged women. The most common presenting symptom is chronic pelvic pain. It often affects ovaries, uterus. It causes pain during sex and menstrual cycle.

Pelvic Adhesions - A Band of scar tissues forms inside of pelvis that binds the organ to stuck to each other after pelvic infection or pelvic contamination.

Symptoms of pelvic adhesions are :-

A) Pelvic pain
B) Nausea
C) Blockage
D) Abdominal pain
E) Cramps.

Other factors of infertility may be hereditary link or some other diseases like diabetes, thyroid, cancer or it could be remained unexplained.